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Royal Sovereign RBC-650PRO Money Counting Machine
Royal Sovereign RBC-650PRO, 9 x 11 x 6" (228.6 x 279.4 x 152.4 mm), 193.7 oz (5.49 kg), 60W, 110 - 230V, LED, Black

 SKU:   1214291433 - 14291433
 Manufacturer:   Royal Sovereign International
 Mfg. Part number:   RBC-650PRO
 Availability:   Yes
 Our Price:    $149.56



Counting speed for banknotes
1000 banknotes/min


Dimensions (WxDxH)
228.6 x 279.4 x 152.4 mm

5.49 kg

Power consumption (typical)

Input voltage
110 - 230V

Color of product
The Royal Sovereign RBC-650PRO is the perfect solution for homes and businesses in need of a reliable, durable, and continuous bill counting system. The 650PRO features a duty cycle system that allows for 2 hours of continuous counting without ceasing. This back-loading bill hopper holds up to 130 bills and the machine counts at a rate of 1000 bills per minute. The RBC-650PRO also comes with batch and add mode, making it easier to band, transport, organize, and store your cash.

Fast and Convenient Operation

- Counts at a fast 1000 bills per minute, saving you time and effort.
- Back loading hopper easily holds 130 bills at a time.
- The RBC-650PRO automatically starts counting when bills are placed in the hopper, and automatically stops counting when bills run out.
- The machine will run an automatic self test every time it is turned on to ensure accurate bill counting.

Batching, Adding, and Dimension Detection

- Batch mode allows you to "batch" or preset a specific number of bills that the machine will count up to, then stop, and wait for the counted bills to be removed. Once the counted batched stack is removed, the bill counter will continue counting the remaining bills in the hopper. Simply set the batch number and let the machine count up to the preset batch number. A perfect feature for bill banding, transportation, and storage.
- Add mode allows cumulative counting of all bills, up to a maximum of 999 bills.
- Dimension Detection will check the center width of bills to detect mis-sized bills such as foreign currency.
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